Beneficial Brainwaves

Our brain frequencies as well as the synchronization of our two brain halves are changed by the perpetrators so that our breathing and organ activities are changing in a negative way – another reason why we get sick, not only by the microwave irradiation.

The frequencies did help me enormously at the beginning of the severe torture 2011-2012, but I was tortured stronger. The technology measures our frequency change and is programmed to create stronger pain or stronger breath torture when the mind becomes clearer.

The further the torture had progressed, the more my EEG was changed, the less I could be myself. The binaural beats help, but with time it was no longer the same that helped me – eventually some had reached its limits, which did not work anymore against the massieve change of my brainwaves.


Brain Hemisphere Synchronization 

528hz Hemi-Sync – Meditation frequency of Love DNA Solfeggio

White Gold Resonance




Asthma Relief

Sinus Congestion

Relaxation, Calm 

Relaxation music 432 Hz 


Ambient break-beat high Alpha. High Alpha assists the mind to be more focused & alert.

Frontal Lobe – Frontalhirn

Study aid 6 – Alpha and Gamma

Intense ADD/ADHD session. It is designed to speed up your brain while keeping your left brain hemisphere dominant.

Purring cat and pineal gland activation

Relaxation music and cat purring

Cat purring


Divine Light 1 – Guided Meditation Brahma Kumaris

Divine Light 2 – Guided Meditation Brahma Kumaris