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Britta Leia Jaccard, born the 6. 6. 6 9  at 10:20 am in Basel, Switzerland, Europe. 

I grew up in swiss, german and corsican culture. My mother comes from Germany and my father is half swiss and half corsican. My native language is german. I live in Germany. 

I’ve always lived alone, never married and have no children. At 15, I already knew that I never wanted to get married and have no children. 

With thirty years, the urge to search for my roots, became stronger and stronger. I changed my name Britta, with which I could never identify me, and called me from now on Leia – a very old Corsican name. 2002, 33 years, I finally took the decision and went half a year later to France, from where I moved a short time later to Corsica. This decision was a turning point in my life – a jam broke up – I got more joy in life. 

In Cologne, where I lived for six years before I went to France, I moved in Cologne’s dance scene, where I practiced contemporary dance, contact improvisation and Argentine tango. 

I love this earth, the loneliness and the silence. 

I love Samuel Hahnemann – his brilliant invention, the homoeopathy. 

At the age of 16, I became a vegetarian after I have seen the murder of reindeer on TV, it was after the atomic disaster of Tchernobyl.

My soul is vegan – only in the last few years I have understood what my soul already knew. I eat cheese, I support that animals are exploited and tortured. The milk for their calves – we steal them and then murder their children to eat them. Eggs are unborn chickens, dead embryos. This is perverted and sick. 

At the age of 30 years I get in contact with the teachings of the Buddha – immediately I felt at home.

I remembered that I have already had a lot of lives and that I have been familiar in several lives with the apprenticeships of the Buddha very much.

I do not remember my former lives specifically, only to some time epochs but the countries in which I have lived are very clear to me – there are Italy, Greatbritain, France, South America (In the region of the Andes), Nepal, India, Germany and Switzerland.

I believe in a highest soul (which most call God) and do not doubt that our soul goes over and over again to a new body.

I don’t fear the death – my soul will leave this body and move in the wide, infinite universe and have to go back sometime again on the earth.

How, otherwise, it could be that people are very different in their development. The steps in ignorance, in illness of the mind are very numerous – we are not all the same from birth and our childhood plays only one small role. We bring the biggest arrangements in this life, because they are the storage of our soul.

The knowledge of the soul deals nothing with intellectual, acquired knowledge. It is the essence of all experiences from the past lives – a deep intuitive and innate knowledge.

The person is from nature well – children are pure and innocent – this is not right – these are perceptions which originate from ignorance of the mind.

I think, we have come at the end of an age, the Iron Age.

There will begin a new age – it becomes the “golden age” be the paradise on earth – so, once as it has been once. The cycles recur, as long as the earth will exist.

There will only live healthy people, people, who can love, who know what is love because they carry them in themselves.

They will respect her cocreatures and won t kill animals to eat and also do not torment for attempts or exploit for their purposes.

Most people search their whole life long only for propelling satisfaction – they love merely the feeling which they have if his/her desires are satisfied. Then it is coupled to the person who satisfies his/her needs – then they “love” him/her. If he/she does not satisfy them any more, they search for themselves another partner.

Unfortunately, most people cannot love.

Who can love, that has recognised the value of the life and respects the life of every living being – the planters, animals and people – he will love this planet and be full humility for him.

As long as the people carry no peace in themselves, there will be no peace on this earth.

Thanks to SN Goenka, Thich Nhat Hanh, Brahma Kumaris, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.


My Websites:

www.brittaleiajaccard.jimdo.com/english/ Homepage English

www.psychotronfolter.wordpress.com German – over 30 victim’s comments

www.strahlenfolter.blogspot.com German

www.mind-control-torture.blogspot.de English  – same content but with videos.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello Britta, my name is Matthew Simmons and I am a targeted individual from Sydney Australia.
    I have just found your website and wanted to let you know that you have my support. The pattern of my torture is very similar to your own, but from my short reading of the details of your abuse I am not as far along with the experiment. I am a Chinese medicine practitioner with a deep love of nature and energy work and wanted to send you all my best wishes in this difficult time.

    • Hello Matthew!

      Thank you very much for your comment – it is the first on this website, even it is on the internet since 2011.

      I hope that you are in contact with other TI’s and that your friends and familiy will stand by you.
      Oh, I can’t find words anymore because my brain is so strongly manipulated and irradiated.
      Seems that they know why they have chosen you to destreoy you – You are more intelligent than most of the people – they want to destroy all intelligent human beings, their children and their animals. These are psychopaths and not government who wants to continue research.

      Hope we will meet one day in another body and identitiy but still the same soul.

      All my best wishes to you, Matthew.


      • On Friday, November 22, 2013 1:33 PM, Matthew Simmons wrote:

        Hello Leia,

        Thank you for replying, and I’m happy to be the first person to comment on your excellent website.

        I have tried to post a reply to your message a number of times but was unable to. I thought that the criminals were stopping me. I hope it is ok that I am posting to this email address that I found on one of your other websites…

        My symptoms came on very gradually over the last 9 years, and it has only been just these last 3 years where they intensified to the point where I identified it as the torture that it is… Even then, it has only been this past year where I have really begun to research and study the whole context for this crime against humanity.

        I agree with you about the reasons why we, and many, many other people like us, have been targeted for destruction.

        I am a member of a google+ site dedicated to exposing the globalist agenda. There are many other TI’s in this goggle+ community. I will post your website there for others to read, if you would like?

        How is your immediate health at the moment? It sounded like you had been denied the best treatment for your heart problems…

        I also hope that you have the support of your family and friends.

        I hope we met in better circumstances one day as well…

        I love life, and I love being a part of this beautiful universe, and I know that coward psychopaths acting out their evil on this small planet, tucked away in the outskirts of this one galaxy, on my very human mind and body, does not in any way affect my spirit’s appreciation of that universal love and deep connection.

        Best Wishes,


        On 26/11/2013, at 7:33 AM, Britta Leia Jaccard wrote:

        Hello Matthew,

        thank you for your reply.

        Indeed there wasn’t a new comment but I’m glad you have found my e-mail-adress.
        May I publish this e-mail on my website?

        Thank you for putting me on the google list.

        My health is in a bad condition but cannot write everything down because my brain is irradiated very heavy and I have no more access to my brain – for example to my memory of my english knowledge – I don’t find my vocabulary which I have learned in my life.
        My head’s muscles are tightened extremely so that I cannot access to my frontal lobe.

        I have no support – they manipulated my family throughout all my life. My mother isn’t interested in me, my brother doesn’t want to be in contact with me for no reason and my father who has cancer, doesn’t write to me anymore since 2010.

        I’m so glad to read of someone who has understood what is going on with us.

        If we want these dangerous psychopaths put on the electric chair, then we cannot wait longer – we have to organize a demonstration in front of the white house with all targeted individuals from all over the world. If 3000 people will demonstrate then the media will not ignore us and this will put pressure on government.

        Who will organize it? Will you try it?

        Please, we have to do something as long as we can.
        If they start the whole program with higher doses of radiation, with nerve gaz into your appartment and with poisoning your food then you lose your mind, your intelligence and your force quickly. That’s what was happening to me since July 2011 because I had contacted Lawyers for help.

        I love life too and I love this planet earth, all animals and all beautyful souls.

        They haven’t destroyed my soul, my compassion and my ability to love and that’s the highest victory for this evolution – noone can ever destroy a soul – a point of energy, a source of light.

        We shall die a horrible and sadistic death because these ill brains want to live? That’s not possible!!!

        Please contact all other victim’s for that it will be possible soon to organize this big demonstration.

        Best Wishes

        On Wednesday, November 27, 2013 8:19 AM, Matthew Simmons wrote:

        Hello Leia,

        Thank you for publishing my email. I tried at least 5 or 6 times to post my reply but every time it wouldn’t work. All of my computers are constantly monitored and so this is not a surprise. Late in 2011 I literally had my old windows desktop blow up one Sunday morning when I turned it on. The computer tech who replaced the burnt out power supply said that it must have been dust accumulation. That computer was 5 years old. And had 5 years worth of dust inside its closed case. I asked him how many times he had seen this problem, and he said in his whole career of fixing computers he had never seen it… He’d been working in the industry for over 20 years.

        I hope everyone on the site has read your story. One day I will take the time to properly detail my experiences of being a non-consensual targeted individual as well.

        I’m sorry to hear that your health is in such a bad way. I also get that same terrible squeezing vice in my temples and forehead, as well as the top of my neck, jaw, etc. to the point where I struggle to function in terms of thinking clearly and remembering words, or articulating words verbally. But I’m doing that in English! So I think you’re doing really well communicating in another language!

        Can I ask, have you ever had any severe digestive symptoms as part of your torture? It’s something that has been very pronounced in my case.

        Here’s something that I wrote recently to another TI that explains some of my own story, and what I mean…

        For me the torture etc. became overt in Oct. 2010. But having had a lot of time to piece together seemingly unrelated signs, symptoms and events (over the last couple of years) I can now be sure that the physical symptoms started (at the latest) in late 2004. I can also say that the computer surveillance/hacking started no later than Feb. 2007. But these things happened in the context of me living a “normal” life, and I didn’t, at the time, “join the dots”…

        It was really only three years ago when the torture intensified to the point that at the start of this year I found myself in hospital with an acutely obstructed bowel – hadn’t passed any solid waste for 3 weeks!

        I have been a Chinese Medicine practitioner for the past 25+ years, have practiced martial arts and meditation for 30 years, and have had an excellent diet for 30 years also)… So, to wind up admitted to hospital for this condition, when my entire life, and especially in the last 30 years, my bowel habits had been functioning exceedingly well and regularly (2x p/day) was astonishing to me…

        In the space of 10 days I ended up having to consume 6 colon-clearing preparations designed to empty the bowel prior to colonoscopy/surgery… 6! Nothing but water was released. The x-ray revealed that my entire intestine was almost completely full of feces. A Cat scan was ordered, on my second visit and admission to hospital, as the general consensus amongst the medical staff was then that I must have a space-occupying tumor (cancer) in my bowel. The results took them completely by surprise – my colon, though full, was otherwise completely normal! They couldn’t explain it… but, by that stage, I could!

        I had suffered increasingly agonizing nerve pain all over my body, including my abdomen (at that stage) for about 12 months (I had already had a cat scan of my brain, and x-ray of my entire spine – both were completely normal). I had also been waking up through the night/in the morning absolutely drenched in perspiration. My first visit to the hospital at the start of this year, I was examined and released and that very night/next morning the “cooking” happened again… this is when I had a “eureka” moment, as the heating of my body was especially intense down in the lower left of my abdomen, right over the last section of the colon, and right where the x-ray had revealed, a large “plug” of rock-hard feces which was effectively blocking my entire intestine! The protocol that I was being subjected to was a more intense version of what a lot of TI’s talk about in terms of poor digestive function (e.g. more bloating, stomach rumbling, excess gas etc.) this was, for me, a macabre study into how far the human digestive system can be driven into a completely unnatural, and ultimately, inert state, and I was one of the subjects/victims.

        I had to be admitted later that week as still nothing was happening with my bowels. I was in hospital for 4 days this time. I took another 2 colon-clearing preparations, two days in a row – still nothing! The doctors were now talking about surgery to bring the end of my small intestine to the surface (temporarily at first) but if that didn’t help the large intestine start working again; I would be stuck with a colostomy bag for the rest of my life. I was only 49 at the time.

        The night before the doctors told me this I had actually made my peace with this life as I knew that if the “perps” kept this up I was dead. I had stopped absorbing nutrients (I had lost 7 or 8 kg in the preceding 10 days or so), and if I couldn’t also clear any solid waste from my body, I was effectively “dead” on a cellular level, as no nutrients were getting in, and no waste was being removed over all.

        The strangest thing happened the next afternoon… the doctors told me to try one last colon-clearing regime, and all of a sudden, things started to work! Much to my relief! The doctors patted themselves on the back, and said I wouldn’t need surgery after all. The ONLY reason that this last dose helped was because they turned off the continual firing of the nerves to my bowel wall that had held the area in complete spasm for weeks. I could feel it happening! The intense pain of the spasm receded, and then my bowel finally started emptying!

        So, every day since then has in some ways been a bonus to me. I still have to take a medication twice daily to keep the stool semi liquid, another preparation to stimulate emptying overnight, and monthly colonics to cleanse my bowel. For the most part this has worked (but at a very large price to my overall health and well-being), but even still, three times in the last 3 months, even doing all of that every day, my bowels have completely shut down again for 2, and then 5, and finally another 2 days. The spasm and burning come back deep in my lower left abdomen and this particular torture is reapplied.

        If they really wanted to kill me, (as I think all TI’s probably know), they can/could have done so at any time. So I believe this is just another data collection experiment (ALA the Nazis during WW2) into how much physical and psychological suffering humans can withstand, done as you say, by psychopaths. I know of at least 1 other person who has received this same protocol, and another TI who has reported dramatic weight loss, apart from you, so this is happening to at least some small percentage of our long-suffering community.

        What is also very troubling to me is that I have also been having my lungs targeted strongly and consistently (like yourself) since May of this year. I get deep spams at the bottom of my rib cage, and a deep ‘cooking” feeling in my back, between my shoulder blades. I have real difficulty taking a full breath and have a lot of wheezing at night. I also get the swelling in the feet and ankles, and I have already supposed that the end stage of this torture would be congestive heart failure… just as you have described!

        I’m so sorry to hear that you are unable to receive any support from your family. My father died in 2007, and I haven’t told my mother, but my wife and daughter believe me and offer their support to me… although it is terribly hard for my daughter to face this horror… and the worst thing… they also target my daughter moderately. Hopefully this is more to add psychological torture to me, then to fully subject her to this entire insane evil process of remote torture and invasive synthetic telepathy. I don’t know…

        I have a few close friends who believe me, but others that I told early on, when I wasn’t as well-informed (or making as much sense) thought, and still think that I’ve gone crazy!

        I agree that it is time to demonstrate, and I will send your plea to the owner of this google+ community. I don’t know if it can be done, but we should start …

        I can’t imagine the nerve gas and poisoning of my food… you are incredibly strong.

        I agree that they cannot destroy our souls. They cannot destroy our compassion, and our ability to love… This is a birthright of being human.
        I hate to be negative, but I’m sure you probably also think this sometimes… realistically, it maybe too late for us, and we probably could die a horrible and sadistic death… the only thing that sustains me in those moments, when I think that, is the understanding that my soul, my spirit, or essence… will not die if my physical self does… I believe that! And I know it more than ever in these last 11 months!

        Please take care Leia.

        Best Wishes,


        P.S. Please publish this (and any subsequent emails) on your website if you would like.

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