Calling all TI’s!


To all Targeted Individuals


The perpetrators are highly dangerous serial killers, mass murderers – they will torture and murder as long as they are having access to Psychotronic Weapons – they won’t stop until they are arrested.

They do not sit in Europe, Australia, India and so on. If you have the same symptoms and are tortured exactly like me, then you are victim of the Psychotronic Warefare Technology of the United States of America – noone else does have this technology!!!

Before the white house all TI ‘s world wide should come united and demonstrate against the existence of Psychotronic Weapons and we should have previously informed American media so that they send.

No one will be able to ignore 3000 people – with 500 people we do not even need to catch.

What do you think, what happens to the letters that we send to the White House?

If just a single person would have read our letters, they would already have been arrested yet.

They have started over 40 years ago, have killed thousands of people and noone ever stopped them.

Please wake up and act!!!

Who will start organizing this demonstration?

It will be the only way to achieve liberty.