Cold and Smell Torture

They can let arise extreme cold – every space can become cold like a fridge.

Since 2006 I must sit daily, summer like winter often for hours in icy cold and carry winter clothes with cap. Putting the heating higher does not help.

They let arise smells – fecal smells, uric smells, garbage smells, food smells, perfume smells and cigarette smoke – at every place, even in the nature

By closed window they lead the perfume smell of my neighbours or female neighbours in my flat, even his fecal odors they lead in my bathroom.

They pass on cigarette smoke about power supply lines and shafts, let smells from wash basin come out if I bend just my head down.

With their technology they can generate wind.

All the same where I stay, they leave wind namely in different intensities – it can be absolutely poor in wind and suddenly a violent wind appear.

Gusts of wind are sent straight in my room, but also in closed rooms if no window is opened draughts blow straight on my face and other body parts.

Over and over again people had to ask me whether I love wind – they repeated the question and, besides, looked so knowingly. It took a long time for me to understand.