Synthetic Telepathy


I’m exposed to mind-reading, intention-reading, body-control, emotional-control, sleep deprivation, music torture, electronic torture, synthetic telepathy 24 hours each day.


I get thoughts and comments induced into my brain in German (my native language), English and French.

50% is in english, only 5 % in french and the rest in my native language.

Someone is talking to me inside my head – like a voice but without “sound”.

The “words” can appear as male or female “voice” and even as my own “voice”. It can be very subtle, but also appear very clearly.

99% of the “words” do appear as male “voices”.

It is clear to me that the perpetrator who is programming the computers, must be english native speaker.

The english sentences are often in a vocabulary that I have never heard before, so that it is clear that it doesn’t arrise out of my own mind.


1) Comments on my behavior and thoughts

My thoughts and actions are commented even before they are conscious to me – by transmission of thoughts and by physical torture. I get transferred songs and pictures as well.

The first words were whore, cunt and manchurian candidate. At this point I had no idea what that meant. I didn’t know, by which technologies they could see me, nor did I know what is a manchurian candidate. It was only through my internet research that I’ve seen more and more clearly.

I became increasingly aware of how much they manipulate my brain and since when this was taking place.

They “communicate” with me, answer my questions, even admit that they are from the CIA .

If I manage to focus my mind in spite of the torture and pain, again and again, come threats, such as: “You’re living dangerously”, “we are getting angry,” “do not provoke us” or “we fuck you” and simoultaneously I get a strong torture in the vaginal area.

There are also angry screams I do not perceive it acoustically, but as thoughts and feelings that they transfer to me.

I think, for example: “In a moment I’m taking a bath”, or “I will have a delicious tea”. Immediately I get my respiratory organs tortured and get a transfer: “No, do not do that, I do not want that you’re all right!”.

I had a critical thought about the U.S. Immediately an angry comment in English was: “Damn, she is critizising our country, this whore”.

I gargle with chamomile tea, because I have a sore throat – comment: “Are you mad? We can choke you”. I don’t react further and gargle, now I feel a strong pressure at my throat, as if I’d be strangled.

I think: “I will meditate soon” – then I do something different, here comes: “I thought you were going to disappoint us.”

While I meditate, my respiratory organs are tortured very much, I get hardly any air. I continue to meditate, focus on my breath, here comes: “Bad Girls have to be punished” and synchronously I get a choking sensation on my throat.

I think: “A few months ago they let me meditate”, there is: “Well, it is over now, bunny.”

And much more


2) Transmission of thoughts – some of hundreds (from new to older):

  • Soon you will go to death.
  • Survival of the fittest – you are not fit enough for this world.
  • You have never taken part in this world, Leia, I’m sorry, you never did.
  • I’m sorry Leia, but I have to kill you, you know too much.
  • We nock out your conscious mind therefor we can do to you whatever we want.
  • Leia, you are a bunny that will soon be slaughtered.
  • The whore Leia annoys me and must be tortured again stronger.
  • If we want, you will suicide.
  • If it was up to me, you were already blind.
  • We have taken away your ability of selfdefence.
  • You have a gordius body, but this body will soon be dead.
  • Hand in hand we go to death, but we will remain alive.
  • We have destroyed you, you whore.
  • We are torturing your mind – with a tortured mind you cannot become a Buddha.
  • We will kill you Leia, you can’t escape, Sogyal won’t help you.