Body control


The destruction programme of the psychopaths who have directed their weapon technology upon me contains far more, than only inducing thoughts and feelings in my brain.

Manipulations of the meridians, the energy roads of the body, the ligaments and the muscles belong to it to act on the brain.


  • Diaphragm manipulations – voice becomes thinner, weaker
  • Tongue leg and tongue are tightened – the tongue presses constantly against the palate – Enegieblockade in the cervical whirl canal – clarity of the mind is disturbed.
  • My voice and language are manipulated – My voice sounds brighter, nasal and squeezed.
  • Articulation is changed over and over again at times.
  • Suddenly I speak in dialects, e.g., Bavarian, besides, I am not able to speak Bavarian or I speak with different accents, e.g. if I speak in English, I suddenly have a French accent and then suddenly again a German one.
  • My facial muscles are tightened, so I’m making a grimace.
  • Change to my mask – face looks after mentally defective joy.
  • In the centre of the body energy is blocked, respiration does not flow through any more, respiration does not sink any more, mind cannot rest any more, body in permanent stress.
  • Posture is falsified, I have usually a very straight posture – musculature is cramped in the lower back, belly, nape, shoulder. They manipulate my brain that I allow to sack the upper part of the body, the washbasin forwards pushes and lays the head in the nape – traffic jam in the nape – energy blockades in the body.


Though I note the manipulations, however, I get “punished” immediately with breath torture. The more upright I sit down or stand, the stronger they torment me.

My body becomes more stiff and weaker from day to day!