Daily report

I’m sorry for not being updated with my daily report.  If you want to read it in german and translate it with google, then please go on my german website: http://strahlenfolter.blogspot.de/p/tagebuch.html

20th October 2012

Impulse control Paralysis I get increasingly paralyzed in the brain, I can only move slowly, react slowly. Also in the center of the body, I feel more and more a paralysis that makes me weak and inflexible.
For 3 days I get very strong nerves twitching in the body and thrown in the legs and extreme dizziness in the head. I have to go to sleep and go to bed, because I am no longer able to do anything.

Noise torture – Heart torture The owner has moved the front door again, for the third time – now it pops so loud that despite of 36dB headphones with listening to music, I still can hear it. With every explosion and every engine noise they create severe pain in my heart.
There is 1 clock in the morning, so Saturday morning. The neighbors have a party in the garden and still have the loud music, laugh and sing out loud – no one complains. The neighborhood get brainmanipulated, as my whole environment, so they cannot perceive the noise as it is. When I go to ask them to be quiet, they are either rude and aggressive, or they say they do quietly and then turn on again when I go away. And so it goes for years with every single person.
The neighbors beat their doors louder, even at night. Everything is done so since 2006, in every home, wherever I stay.
Permanently I am burdened with negative feelings, which is induced into my brain: fear, panic, shock, escape behavior at every sound, when I go to the door out, then shall I be afraid of encounters with my neighbors, when I go to my window, should I be afraid to look out etc.
With every movement of my will I is generated severe respiratory distress.

10th of October, 2012

Burglary The day before yesterday they have sent again somebody penetrating in my flat when I was briefly outdoors, at most 3 minutes – when I came back there lay raw grains of rice on my culinary table – I had the thought in the afternoon, I want to cook jasmine rice once more which I love so much. They did not come from me, because I have jasmine rice in the cupboard which smells very strongly, while this smelt of nothing. The door handle from the outside, like from the inside, smelt of man’s perfume. This was purely symbolic again – it is not stolen every time a little bit.

Then I had understood that it had to be the neighbour about me, because which, that beside me lives, was not at home. He had to have copied him a key. Who knows who all posesses my key to my flat?

This runs thus since 2006 – they march in to every flat and always do the same.

From both I become for 2 years hard a noise-terrorised. The neighbour beside me is the son of the house-owner – he had to slander me at the beginning of the year with the ordinal velvet, I would make noise.

In this flat has become several times penetrated and screws were manipulated several times in my bicycle which stands in my kitchen, the brake cable was cut, deep scratches in my television table, the window and in my desk were made – several objects stolen.

They want to demonstrate her complete power about me and my environment to me.

Because the culprits dispose of a technology with which they can transfer pictures into my brain, yesterday they have made clear to me that in this manner they would send next time both in and they would violate me.

How I do feel now, I must probably not describe.

Radiation of the brain Last night I was irradiated so hard in the brain: Strong daze in the head, stream feeling, feeling of sickness, oxygen starvation in the brain. I could hardly keep myself on the legs and lay down, stretched the legs in the air, there it immediately got better. It lies in the cables. As long as I have connected no device in the stream, it is better, as soon as I stick on the four outlet and connect my PC and modem, it starts: If I am outdoors, I am much better in this point, hence, I know that they can raise the stream in my flat.

25th May 2012

My condition is getting worse each day and my eyes are tortured severly – so I don’t keep on translating in english.

25th March, 2012

My brain is irradiated stronger and stronger, I can think worse and worse. My cerebral functions are dammed more and more. I have no more access to certain centres in my brain. They have strengthened rapidly the torture.

Constantly I get comments in my head: “We have taken away your ability of selfdefence”.

It’s a computer, which is programmed by the psychopaths with words and sentences and shoots with measured radiation at me, depending on which cerebral frequency my brain just is. The more relaxed I am, the heavier the torture is.

For several weeks they do not let me meditate any more – it attacks me very fast an extreme tiredness. If I wake, I fall asleep 3 seconds later again. Every day the same. The tiredness is so strong, I cannot defend myself, I fall asleep in the seat.

24th of March, 2012 

New comment from today: “The whore Britta annoys me and must be tormented again stronger. Synchronously the breath torture started in the chest.

20th of March, 2012 

Today my murderers have asked me whether I really wanted to go hospital with a cardiac infarction because there I would soon get if I continued my internet research.

I see through faster and faster, how much they manipulate my brain to change my behaviour and I struggle with all my strength against it.

They slow down my heartbeat and accelerate and put out the heartbeat temporarily, so that I can measure heart rythm disturbances since some time on my blood pressure measuring instrument. I thought: These are crude murderers and psychopaths. There I got the comment: “No, Leia, we are no brutal psychopaths – we are killing you softly!”

12th of March, 2012

Letter of the radiologist about CT received: Morbus Crohn.

In consideration of my symptoms and strong pains in the whole belly, also large intestine, it is also weakened here again and facts have been left out. From 3 pressable, 10-cm-long and 5-cm-wide roller-shaped Verhärtungen in the area of my bellybutton, he writes nothing. He has not seen that – in a CT.? Layer admissions of the belly should not show these knots? Also he has become cerebral-manipulated, like all doctors whom I visited. They do not want that I survive, so the doctor gets his brain manipulated that he does not mention the knots in the report. Of course he has seen them, because he has eyes and these announce to the brain what they see. No guilt meets the doctor, besides – this is clear.

On the 9th of March over again with another doctor. She had this report. I explained to her over again what happens there with us. Said her over again that the knots are still there and that these nevertheless only tumours can be. She humed and hawed around and meant, this can also come from the inflammation. Yes, but that I have according to radiologist only in the lower area of the small intestine. The knots are round the bellybutton. She has never felt my belly, seems absolutely indifferently to be not to realise what I say to her there. This is clear if one becomes a cerebral-steered, one is not any more man about his brain.

Also it is clear that who comes on my side, besides, it is sighted by my murderers – to find out PC-technical a child’s play for them, where you stay. Besides, that is every reader becomes cerebral-manipulated, so that read is processed not really and thus this crime does not come to the public.


5th of March, 2012  

I have just read on “scribd” the report of Mrs. Kathrin K..When I had read this sentence: “The state in the brain is always intolerable and nerve-killing, as if one had to suffocate in the head”, exactly this described torture started with me – for the first time.

However, it is not the first spot that they add described torture uses which I take of other torture reports to me. When I had read that a victim described how it gets stings in the whole body, stings started with me and that I agree since that time (August, 2011) daily several times in all body parts.

2nd of March, 2012

For a few days I get a whistling sound (tinnitus) in my ears released, for hours – in different volumes and pitches, sometimes even on an ear.

Today I talked to the owner of a copy store who became cerebral-manipulated as well as all my people and has told me quite a lot of fictitious, implausible things. I have looked at him, but have not reacted to it, have switched off that is internally. Meanwhile I got for several minutes violent stings in my left ear shot, to the punishment that I have not reacted to it.

1st of March, 2012

We need help from the public because as we are observed 24 hours each day by the psychopaths, it is clear that they also control all our correspondence.

If I want to destroy somebody at every level, I go forward in such a way, there I admit no foreign effect, I would want the complete control of my victim, for it I use my psychotronic technology and control the environment of my victim hostile and prevent that the other brain can think arbitrarily and act.

They control the whole Internet. On more than 20 Blogs I have written – nobody leaves a comment, it is completely ignored what I write. Only 3 comments and they were from the perpetrators – always the same manuscript. The screenplay is always the same, the sentences and answer patterns, the same.

I read on other victim sides exactly the same approaches. It is sad, but they can bring every brain under their control – whether judge, police, lawyer, father, mother – this is the heaviest power which is possible, about that nothing more goes.

29th of February, 2012  

The perpetrators prevent the complete contact with my outside world. The sad fact is that even the people who know a lot in the mind control technology very well are steered by them in such a way that they do not notice it. They supervise not only my web pages, not only me, but everybody which I contact computer-technically or phone-technically. They dispose of the highest technology and need no chip to steer the brain of their victim.

If I write e-mails, it is answered either not at all, or, however, completely along the subject or it is written included with phrases of my own thoughts, discrediting me, facts twisting – then I know, the persons brain was manipulated by my ennemies.

I know the manuscript of my murderers meanwhile very well.

The 26th of February, 2012 

I see through to her mind control more and more, what has not been so easy for me, because I have become mind-manipulated from them already since my early childhood. If I comment on it ideally, they let go me, but resume 2 seconds later. It makes them furious and, therefore, they torment my body stronger and stronger. I get severe difficulty in breathing, ……..in the throat, stings in face, stomach, fingertips, the whole body, extreme dizziness, tinnitus on both ears. Live TV: If I have a look at a live broadcasting, the people are steered there after the always same methods (see mind control). It hurts me for these people and also for me, besides, I am violently tormented.

20th of February, 2012 

Blood sedimentation is clearly raised and the number eosinophilen Granulozyten is clearly degraded. On google I have read that the sign can be a peritonitis or pneumonia. I read that small intestine tumours can cause peritonitis, but also peptic ulcers (extreme pains for months, above all in deep pressure).

I appealed to the doctor to these values, there she was steered to say: “Oh this is nothing, nothing at all. Only if the value is raised, one can have worms”.

These can be signs for peritonitis, I said, there she became nervous and changed the subject. I knew, it has no purpose. They do not notice that they lie and do not even know what they say. What I should tangle with a cerebral-manipulated person. I speak not with her, but these are the psychopaths who steer the conversation. I asked them to give to me something against my enteritis existing since Sepember. I properly had to beg, said that I had no money to buy to myself further Indian Boswellia what is also right. Fact is that I must not beg for drugs which are entitled to me. Every person who has more than 5 months of diarrhea would have received drugs already at the latest.

She got a feeling of aversion released, took with reluctance a pink-coloured recipe slip of paper and wrote down to me Salofalk, current means with enteritises.

I was happy: The 3rd doctor who prescribes, finally, something for me.

Since 16. february 2012 I take it and it helps very good.

However, the main problem is not solved with it and I am other in search of doctors who evaluate my stomach bowel passage x-rays properly.

14th of February, 2012 

A german torture victim has sent me a link about DCA (Dichloracetat), these are “new” means which should help in cancer and one can get it without recipe. Today I have ordered it to myself. Then the murderers have shot to me violently in the left kidney. They move to me stings in the whole body, especially with pleasure into the important organs, like heart, eyes, kidney.

Since the week-end they release to me for hours strong burning in the stomach – I suppose, they let gastric acid rise in the esophagus, it burns up to the throat and through to the backbone.

Also these pains can be increased in the intensity.

9th of February, 2012 

Received the CD with the x-ray pictures of the stomach bowel passage. I can see several black spots in the liver and dark areas in the intestins. The report: Everything is “regular”.

The doctors are made involuntary and unknowing murder tools, while to them the brain is manipulated not to write this what is to be seen. Therefore I get no operation and also no therapy, because if there are “no tumours” and metastases, one needs to operate nothing.

The murderers have released to me consciously and deliberately intestine toumors what is possible with her weapons, as everybody knows, for a long time, they can determine even the organ and the quickness of the growth. Understandably is present that no doctor should help me, so he must become a cerebral-steered to ascertain nothing. They want to watch me with the death, share my pains and have therefore the complete power, control of my life, as well as need the psychopath.

They also create it to steer people who well know a lot about the mind-control-technology.

8th of February, 2012 

Today I have been to a MDP (stomach bowel passage), X-ray with contrast media, because I felt since several months knots in the small intestine and these have grown. The doctor said with regard to the oesophagus and stomach everything would be in order. I could see in as he has said it, that he has lied.

I am tortured since 2007 in the stomach with Reflux and burning jump-off in the stomach which goes through up to the spine. For months with the pressure on the stomach as well as on the whole belly I have strong pains. To 3 next admissions he was not there any more. I have not seen the doctor any more and I have not got the result. Tomorrow I will fetch the letter. He becomes cerebral-manipulated from my murderers to write, everything is unobtrusive and my discomfort is not pathological.

I have roller-shaped knots in my belly – these are quite clearly tumours for what the symptoms which I have for months leave no doubt more.

Since summer, 2011 I become injured in this manner from “steered” doctors – it moves me over and over again into a short panic, deep grief and faint because I know that the time runs and I cannot escape from her power apparently.

1st of February, 2012 

Since the day before yesterday the murderers shoot to me directly in the eyes. These are needle stings which are very painful. I frighten myself very much what is a natural reflex, the eyes are our most important sense.

Yesterday I was at a doctor. Like everybody, he was also steered, but I have reached to get a transfer to the radiologist. If, however, this is steered then to see nothing, as well as then I am all the other doctors before, again in the situation in which I am now. To have several roller-shaped 10-cm-long knots in the belly. These must be tumours and whether these are good-naturedly or maliciously, must be removed. In addition this extreme psychological blackmail which one does to me. Not to know whether one gets help, although it is entitled of course to live always in the need, to get even more damage, than that whom one has already got and agrees.

In addition comes the noise terror of neighbours whose brain is abused to terrorise me – noise is agression. They know nothing – not what they do, nor why they do this – they do obviously not notice that they make noise.

26th of January, 2012 

As well as with other victims, they have also penetrated here several times into my flat. Tracks have been left, so that I know that somebody has been here: Cigarette cinder in my bedroom, it is a pure psychological blackmail and also the plan to let explain me for mad. I have called the police. She has taken photos, but, otherwise, nothing. He has taken out the door handle and has twisted about 180 degrees, so he has been inside. Light tracks of tools with which the perpetrator has got opened the door were to be recognised. This did not seem to be enough to the police to do her work.

With the third one sometimes I have called the police once more. Again she wanted to take no fingerprints, put to me insignificant questions. On my question, why they take no fingerprints, I got the intelligent answer: The wood of the door is not quite smooth, there it is difficult. And I asked the door handle, it is from metal, is this also difficult? No, but there I would have blurred certainly already the tracks and there they would certainly find nothing more.

Unfortunately my neighbour arrived. They steer him already for 2 years to pursue extreme noise terror, also at night. 2 times he was running after me and has hit at my door after I closed it. He has with the detective, a conversation controlled, while I have been with the colleague in the other room. I would have had to know that they would use this to arouse him against me.

It happened today that a social worker of the social-psychiatric service came to my house and wanted to carry on a conversation with me. I have not let in them uncommented on which she has still rung 10 times. Later I have called them and have asked what she has wanted. She said, she would have received an announcement of the police, I would believe somebody has penetrated into my flat, the police would have found no tracks.

These people, as well as everybody with which I have contact becomes cerebral-manipulated.

24th of January, 2012

The perps have released small intestine cancer in me, I have already felt for several weeks of roller-shaped knots in the lower abdomen. The blood sedimentation was strongly raised what speaks for tumours. With 2 doctors I have been. Both again steered, want to give me no transfer for a X-ray, one would not make this today any more -t his is an infame lie, a bad wrong statement, a dangerous physical injury and more, than this. I should allow to make an enteroscopy. This is wrong and they know this: with an enteroscopy one does not come to the small intestine!!!

I have no chance to make clear to the doctors that they become cerebral-manipulated. I have told a doctor that I am put out to ray torture and that these rays can release cancer. She has got nothing, from which what I have said. She reacted as if I had told her that I just was in town and would have bought new shoes. Nothing of that what I say comes with the steered person. They prevent this, so that I get no help. Their brain seems to be switched off – it is cruel.

15th of January, 2012 

At night from 13. on 14. january 2012 somebody has been again in my flat. I have found cigarette cinder in my bedroom, exactly under the heating, here which has been repaired a few days ago. It belongs to the plan “psychological blackmail”. I should know with the fact that they are it. They are ill.

However, this time my door was locked. New tracks in the door edge are visible again. How does one come to a flat if the door is locked? It is the “Picking method”, I have learnt.

They must have moved my neighbour into a hypnotic state, so that he does not know what he does and that he cannot remember behind any more. They steer him for 2 years to pursue extreme noise terror. In the beginning of 2011 my bicycle which stands in my flat has been already manipulated several times. The brake and the big screw in the back wheel. She has been so loose, according to a mechanic, the wheel had already moved, it could have dropped, while driving it.

This has been a murder attempt.

4th of January, 2012 

Today they have switched off my blood circulation in the fingers for a few minutes, in the ring and forefinger of both hands. These fingers became white as chalk, it was no more colour in it and they became absolutely deaf, it was no more feeling in them. I have shaken my hands and have hit on it, bit by bit they let blood again flow. With it they wanted to demonstrate to me their power, show me that they can murder me any time, while they carry out the same in heart or brain.

I have contacted a former friend, have asked him to read to itself my web page by. He has been steered by them to send me as a result approx. 10 SMS in which he has offended me indecently. Certainly he cannot remember to have written this. Several times I get since then phone calls with no phone number and noone is speaking. Today a french music played in the background, a chanson of Edith Piaf and again was quiet. I thought that my observers could be, then I changed my opinion, one can investigate this and they would not risk this. 2 minutes later I reveived a phone call again with a number which does not exist: +491930100. I got several other phone calls with this number.