April 18, 2015 – I have translated my DAILY REPORT up to March 29, 2015 and have induced 2 new pages in this website Noise Torture and Self-Injury under Hypnosis.




April 2015 – I have now an advanced heart failure with deep vein thrombosis, liver cirrhosis, kidney failure and stomach ulcers. Important drugs are denied to me, as well as the treatment of my highly inflamed tooth nerve, jaw and cheekbones, which should lead to my assassination.


I am tortured by Satellite based Psychotronic Warefare of the U.S. and am in a very advanced stage of the murder program. 

A  Menticide  (total annihilation of the personality) is to be achieved, while I am strongly dosed irradiated with energy weapons, so that my organs are destroyed.

See measurement report of the physicist Franz Bludorf (Franz Bludorf and his wife Grazina Fosar are physicists, scientific journalists and authors of many books about Mind Control from Berlin, Germany. The document is written in german language and you can download it as PDF and then copy and paste it into a translator tool like google translator for ex.).

When in June 2006 I noticed that I could be observed in my apartment, a daily noise terror began by neighbors – see  The beginning of the Psychotronic Torture – a few days later, stalking and bullying on the street and anywhere – see Psychotronic Stalking.

7 days per week and 24 hours a day, without any interruption, I am exposed to electromagnetic radiation on the brain and body which generates pain and shortness of breath – see electronic torture – symptoms.

Steadily-increasing changes in my EEGs and inductions of thoughts and feelings, as well as manipulations of the body system that will interfere and block the functioning of my brain are leading to a progressive obliteration of my personality – see Psychotronic Mind Control

This slow and sadistic murder-torture includes self-injuries under hypnosisomission of medical aid, noise torture, cold and smell torturesabotage of computer / TV / phone,
as well as the total isolation of my environment to destroy me physically and mentally until I died as a result of torture.

It was not until 2011 I fully realized, since when I have been observed by the perpetrators and what they have done with my life:  

Since 1969 I am a victim of Trauma Based Monarch Mind Control, a method of the CIA, developed for the cleavage of personality.          

By electrical stimulation of my brain, torture and influence of my social environment, my personality should be destroyed and divided into several portions – see autobiography  (in German). 

The perpetrators have the technology to manipulate each brain. Each contact person is computer controlled, whether by telephone, e-mail, mail or face to face. They turn people into puppets/robots.

Every day, excessively  since 2006, they control the people around me in lying, terrorizing and attacking robots – see Psychotronic Stalking.     

“The reality about psychotronic weapons today” by Preston T. Bailey -this is the most important link for all involved who have not understood who are the perpetrators and that the horrendous “nonsense about Gang Stalking”  is only an induction into their brains, so they do not see through and thus pose no threat to the offender:   


It is time that the global science finally deals more with the issue psychopaths. According to a scientific study, which I have heard a radio show in 2008, to 20% of the world population consist of psychopaths, while 70% of themlive in the United States.      



If you want to help: 

Write on your own blogs about these weapons and the crimes that are so committed to thousands of people (precise number of victims unknown).

If you don’t have a blog or website, then create one and write about these horrendous crimes.

Sign the ongoing petitions against mind control weapons. 

Thank you!

Leia Jaccard



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