January 2015 – Meanwhile my heart has developped a severe cardiac insufficiency which has not been treated on account of the cerebral manipulation on doctors. Still I am not getting the right medicine which is part of the assassination program of the CIA’s psychopaths.


I am tortured by mind control technologies and energy weapons – see measurement report of the physicist Franz Bludorf (you are directed on my “Strahlenfolter-Blogspotpage” where you can translate the document with “google translator”).

7 days a week and 24 hours without a break, I am tortured by electromagnetic radiation on the brain and body, omission of medical aid, noise torture, psychological terror, intrusions into my apartment, sabotage of computer and mobile phone, and total isolation of my environment. 

When in June 2006 I noticed that I could be observed in my apartment, a daily noise terror began by neighbors, a few days later, stalking and bullying by my environment – see The beginning of the Psychotronic Torture.

The Psychotronic Torture aims to destroy the victim mentally, psychologically and physically until it died as a result of torture.It was several years later that I fully understood, since when I was being watched by the perpetrators and what they have done with my life: 

Since 1969 I am a victim of torture based mind control, developed by the CIA technology for cleavage and destruction of personality. By electrical stimulation of my brain, torture and influencing my social environment, should be destroyed my personality and split into several parts. 

A Menticide (total annihilation of the personality) is to be achieved – as I’ll highly dosed irradiated with energy weapons, so that my organs are destroyed. The most common consequences of this torture death are heart failure. 

The torture additionally consists of the initiation of pain, dyspnea, and manipulation of the body system. In parallel, my neurons are heated in the body and especially in the brain by irradiation and thus destroyed – see psychotronic mind control and electronic torture. 

The perpetrators have the technology to manipulate each brain. Each contact person is computer controlled, whether by telephone, e-mail, mail or face to face. Let the people speak, write without that knows what he speaks or writes. They turn people into puppets, robots.

Every day since 2006, they control so my fellow man in lying, terrorizing and attacking humanoid robots – see war through human robots. 

Only those affected by this torture will be allowed to understand this site. Every non-sufferers is manipulated by the technology of offenders who check all the sites on the net that deal with the topic of this page will not be able to understand or not to believe it. 

It is time that the global science finally more concerned with the issue of psychopaths. According to a scientific study, which I have heard a radio program in 2008, to 20% of the world population are psychopaths, with 70% of them are living in the U.S.. 

If you want to help: 

  • Write on your own blogs about these weapons and the crimes that are so committed to tens of thousands of people.
  • Sign the ongoing petition against Psychotronic Mind Control Weapons.

Thank you! 

Leia Jaccard


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